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   and Founder:

   Dawn Wilson


Bio for Speaking Engagements:

Dawn Wilson, founder of Heart Choices Today, is the author of three blogs: Upgrade with Dawn, Heart Choices Today, and LOL with God. She works as a researcher and reviewer for a women's revival radio and conference ministry, and is also a contracted writer with Dawn co-authored LOL with God: Devotional Messages of Hope and Humor for Women in 2010 (now out of print) with Pam Farrel. She served as the San Diego chapter president for the Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry (NEWIM). She is a CLASS-trained speaker, and loves to encourage women of all ages to think biblically and serve passionately with eternity in mind. Dawn and her husband Bob—married for 42 years—have served together for more than four decades in churches and three national ministries. They have two married sons, three granddaughters and a rascally maltipoo named Roscoe. Dawn says she loves bookstore gift cards, cruising with family, and rich, dark chocolate!

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NOTE: Possible speaking topics are at the end of this page.
Please use the contact form to reach Dawn.

 Dawn has encouraged women with practical teaching in a number of ministries over four decades. She makes the scriptures come alive by challenging women to go beyond head knowledge to heart obedience.

Dawn's speaking and teaching will help women to:

  • Develop a more intimate connection with God
  • Follow Him with conviction, courage and confidence
  • Relate the Word of God to the everyday circumstances of life
  • Understand the pull of the culture and stand firm for Christ
  • Make wise, godly decisions with eternity in mind


     "Dawn is expressive in her love for God and His Word. Through her teaching, speaking, and writing, her warmth and personal interest in women connect their hearts to hers immediately. You will go away challenged in your faith for a deeper walk with Jesus." - Darlene Barber, Women’s Ministries director, Shadow Mountain Community Church

     "Dawn has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the hearts of women because she serves in the trenches on the frontlines of ministry today. She is positive, biblical, challenging, and encouraging. Every woman will benefit from the sound, authentic, compelling, and caring message God has placed on Dawn's heart." - Pam Farrel, Speaker and author of Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti

God at work:

     "Amazing - clear and biblical. I loved hearing God speak pure, clean water through you. There are so many women teaching "popular" concepts - they wrap it up in the Word and serve it up. You, however, delivered the pure Word of God. It's so rare today. I can't tell you how blessed I was." - Marissa Cornish, workshop attendee, Pine Valley Bible Conference Center

      "What a gift you are. We had nothing but positive comments about your ministry, the subject matter and your delivery of the message. It was moving, practical and well worth the time." - Dawn Eisentrager, Pastor's wife, Bellingham, WA

     "Your presentation about the power of choice was great. It really has motivated me. I appreciate your honesty." - Bonnie Diaz, Moms of all Seasons, Maranatha Chapel

Dawn's speaking experience includes:

  • Devotionals and Bible studies for groups like Seasoned Sisters and the Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry
  • Women's groups such as MOPS, MomsNext, and Moms of All Seasons
  • Women's Event and Kick-It-Up type meetings
  • Conference speaker
  • College-age conference speaker
  • Bible Conference and Weekend Retreat speaker
  • Practical workshops and breakout sessions

Sample Topics

These are a few of Dawn's messages, but she is open to creating unique messages for your group or special event.

UPGRADE Your Life - You can design your life to the glory of God. Dawn explains the 5-C process she uses to UPGRADE every area of life: attitudes, marriage, parenting, finances ... everything!

Chin hairs, Cankles and Loving People - As we get older, we might think God can't use us, but God wants us to stop making excuses and comparing ourselves with others and get busy! Six things to remember to love and serve Him and people.

The Power of Choice - We make daily choices, and those choices create our lives. God has a lot to say about our decisions and choices. (Presented as either a single message or three-part conference series.)

Revive the Wonder - Why is the wonder of God missing today, and what can happen when we reclaim it?

The Voices of Your Heart - Our hearts speak! They reveal who and what we love and who and what we serve. God wants us to listen carefully and align our hearts with His own.

Girlfriend Power! - Every woman needs different kinds of friends. What kinds of qualities should you look for in true Christian friendships, and how do you cultivate them in your own life?

Fire Up Your Confidence - What shakes your confidence? What tears it down and builds it up? This message contrasts the self-life vs. the God-life in us. (Presented as either a single message or a three-part conference series.)

Choose It or Chuck It - Disorganization and “stuff” may control you more than you know (and even hinder ministry); so whether hoarding or simple clutter is your issue, some"been there-done that" insights will help you make better choices.

Ornaments of God's Grace - (a Christmas banquet message) - Christmas tree ornaments are used in this Christmas event message that illustrates how God redeems our brokenness.

Wrap Up Your Christmas God's Way - (a Christmas workshop) - The importance of God's gift to us, plus some practical tips for Christmas giving, relationships, etc.

Ask about other topics for retreats, conferences and holidays.

Please use the contact form to reach Dawn.